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Our Priority
Your Loved One & You

Olney Memory Care understands the physical and emotional challenges of caring for a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias. Our caring team is dedicated to serving families by providing the highest level of care and preserving the dignity and independence of each resident.

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Family Support

At Olney Memory Care we understand that family support and involvement is paramount to a comprehensive approach to memory care. Family support groups, educational opportunities and a cooperative effort between the family and caregivers help alleviate some of the stress and challenge of caring for your loved one.

Support Groups

Support groups are offered monthly to provide encouragement and support. And most importantly, we want you to know that families are welcome to meet with us at any time to discuss their concerns.

Short-Term Respite Care

Caring for a loved one that has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other memory loss can be overwhelming. Olney Assisted Living understands the challenges and the importance of being able to get away every now and then. We offer affordable short-term respite care options.

Family Involvement

Olney Memory Care is also committed to serving the families of our residents within our senior care community. We believe that every resident is a special and unique person; each with their own strengths, accomplishments, and legacy. We desire to partner with family members to create service and care plans that meet those unique needs and expectations. Together, we will tailor a personalized plan that promotes and encourages the highest level of independence possible. You can rest assured knowing that your loved one is our priority and building a bond of communication with you is paramount.

Research & Education

Here are some websites that may be helpful:

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